Five Causes of Rear-End Collisions

Knowing what puts you at greater risk of experiencing a rear-end collision is far more helpful than you might think. With the right information, you can be alert to potential issues and be proactive in avoiding a costly accident. CAR FIX can help you to spot what you should be watching for as you drive.

Too Much Traffic

When traffic is already bumper to bumper, you might be more likely to be in a rear-end collision. A lot is going on, complete with stopping and going, sometimes only an inch or so at a time. That means that there’s lots of room for mistakes, and that can mean that your car ends up connecting with another car.

Distracted Drivers

Beyond just traffic, there’s a lot that can distract drivers. Distracted drivers have a much slower reaction time because they’re splitting their attention between driving and whatever else is going on. Defensive driving is your best course of action when you’re surrounded by drivers who are potentially distracted. As far as your own driving goes, make sure that you set your phone to auto-respond with a message that you’re driving and make sure you’re watching the road and the drivers around you. All will help avoid rear-end collisions.

Speed or Reckless Driving

Drivers who are going faster than they should for conditions run the risk of getting into an accident. Technically, this is considered reckless driving, but other types of driving choices also count as reckless driving. Switching lanes too often, tailgating, and generally disregarding the rules of the road all fall into the category of reckless driving, too.

Driving When Tired

According to the National Safety Council, driving when you’re too tired is just as bad as driving after drinking alcohol. Modern life keeps people on edge more often than not, and that means that there are plenty of drivers around you every day that haven’t gotten enough sleep. Again, defensive driving techniques can help you quite a bit.

Mechanical Failures

Having a tire blow out on the highway or experiencing some other mechanical failure while driving isn’t as predictable as you’d like it to be. These issues are also another common cause of rear-end collisions. Making sure that your own car is in the best possible condition is really important.

CAR FIX can help you if you’ve been in a rear-end collision. We’re conveniently located in Oak Ridge, TN, and you can call us or schedule an appointment online to discuss what repairs your car needs.


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