DieselIf your engine runs on diesel, the professionals at CAR FIX can handle anything that comes our way when it comes to diesel engines. We know and understand that every vehicle you own is an important part of your life, which is why we provide a wide assortment of diesel services to accommodate your car’s unique needs. We’re also highly familiar with the particulars of diesel engines and offer a wide range of services for them to get you on the road fast. We offer the best diesel repair Crossville, Cookeville, Oak Ridge, Oak Ridge North, Maryville, Knoxville, Farragut & Agnes Road, TN, has to offer!

Expert Diesel Repair

Many drivers are turning to diesel vehicles, especially because they usually run a lot longer than gas-powered cars. Even with that being said, diesel vehicles can break down and encounter their own unique set of problems. Let the experts at CAR FIX help you get a specific diagnosis whenever you run into problems. This is critically important in assuring that your vehicle gets the proper repairs if needed. Whether you have a Cummins, Powerstroke, or Duramax, we have the expertise to service your vehicle.

Our repair shop has the diesel expertise you need to be sure that every problem from a tiny one to a server one is diagnosed and corrected the first time. When you bring your diesel car to us, you can be sure you’re getting things done right. Diesel cars need special care, and that’s exactly what you will find at CAR FIX. Our trusted diesel experts can tackle anything from standard oil changes to glow plug checks, engine rebuilds, and transmission repair.

Common Diesel Issues

Diesel prices are typically fairly low, making these types of cars an economical option. The extra power also makes them a favorite for many drivers. Just like gas-powered vehicles, diesel cars do need a variety of different repairs, some of which can be serious or costly if your diesel vehicle is not getting the preventative maintenance it needs. Some examples of issues that are common include:

  • Oxidized oil occurs when air gets into the oil system
  • Black exhaust, which is typically a result of a seriously imbalanced air to fuel ratio
  • Hard starting, commonly caused by either low compression or a fuel delivery problem
  • Loud noises, usually from a problem with the fuel injector system
  • A bad glow plug that can result from wear and tear or just being in need of replacement

If you need to schedule maintenance or your diesel car that needs repair, contact CAR FIX in Crossville, Cookeville, Oak Ridge, Oak Ridge North, Maryville, Knoxville, Farragut & Agnes Road, TN, and let our pros address your specific requirements.


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