Brakes & Transmission Repair

Brakes & Transmission RepairThe brakes in your car are by far one of the most important components, but they’re often taken for granted. It is always best to not skip a brake service check. When someone runs a stop sign or a distracted driver runs a red light, you realize just how essential your brakes are to keep you safe. That’s why taking good care of them is so important. Our team is the leading provider of expert brake service in Crossville, Cookeville, Oak Ridge, Oak Ridge North, Maryville, Knoxville, Farragut & Agnes Road, TN.

This also applies to your transmission. When your vehicle shifts smoothly and everything is running as it should, it’s really easy to take the transmission for granted, too. When the gears are grinding and your car isn’t shifting, you begin to realize just how important the transmission is.

Brake Service & Repair

If you take great care of your brakes, they will take good care of you. The right brake care starts with the driver, and no one knows your vehicle better than you do. When something isn’t right, it’s time to take your vehicle in for a brake service and inspection.

If the car pedal starts to feel spongy or is going closer to the floorboards than normal, it’s time to bring your car in for some service. Brake problems can’t be ignored, and you don’t want to put yourself or your passengers at risk if you cannot stop in time.

When it comes to brake care, check the brake fluid levels regularly. Look out for possible leaks and if the reservoir is low, you should take it in for service. Experienced mechanics will be able to locate and fix the brake fluid leak right away for safe driving.

Transmission Repair

From a manual to an automatic transmission, you definitely need to make sure that it’s maintained properly. A lot of drivers don’t realize that their transmission fluid should be changed regularly and that it needs regular service to keep their cars running smoothly and safely.

As you drive, the fluid inside your transmission breaks down, which interferes with the engine’s ability to properly lubricate the system and clear out any impurities. It is a good idea to have your transmission fluid flushed and refilled with new fluid for the best maintenance. This will also help you to avoid a hefty repair bill later on.

Checking Your Transmission Fluid

In order to be sure your transmission is healthy, you’ll need to check the fluid frequently. First, park your car on a level surface and then pull out the dipstick designated for your transmission. Smell the fluid and look for a burnt smell or a foul odor. If something smells off, you should schedule an appointment with your mechanic so they can look for any issues. Also, be on the lookout for flecks of dirt or metal inside the fluid, or if it looks brown or black in color.

Proper maintenance and care are easy with regular service from CAR FIX. Call our office in Crossville, Cookeville, Oak Ridge, Oak Ridge North, Maryville, Knoxville, Farragut & Agnes Road, TN, to schedule your appointment so we can check your brakes and transmission and get you on the road safely.


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