Five Signs You’ve Got Problems With Your Diesel Work Truck

You rely on your diesel work truck every day. You cannot afford to lose it to repairs, even for just a day. You know that preventative maintenance keeps your diesel on the road safe and reliable, but things can still go wrong. CAR FIX works on diesel engines, and we recommend you bring your Chevy, Dodge, Ford, or GMC diesel truck in if you notice any of the following signs of diesel work truck problems.

1. Bad Glow Plug Warning Light

Most diesel work trucks are equipped with a warning light to let you know you’ve got glow plug problems. Another sign of glow plug trouble is having a hard time starting your engine or your engine refusing to start. If you get your vehicle started, it will idle roughly and could miss and stall.

2. Black Exhaust Thicker Than Normal

Black engine exhaust suggests there is an imbalance in the air/fuel ratio in your diesel engine. In this case, the fuel mixture is rich, it has too much fuel in it, and the engine is burning off the excess fuel. Too much exhaust is never a good sign. Have the problem checked ASAP to avoid an engine fire.

3. Hard Starts or Refusal to Start

As we said above, bad glow plugs can make it hard to start your diesel work truck, but you might also find yourself dealing with hard starts when the compression is too low or you have a problem with your diesel’s fuel delivery. For example, if one of the fuel filters is clogged, the engine is fuel-starved.

4. Loud Engine Noises That Don’t Stop

You should never hear loud engine noises, and ones that don’t stop could indicate serious trouble. Usually, if your diesel’s fuel injection system is clogged or malfunctioning, you will hear loud engine noises. The problem could also be caused by faulty rods, pistons, valves, or low engine oil.

5. Oxidized Motor Oil at the Next Oil Change

Motor oil oxidation is a sign of an underlying and possibly serious engine problem. Motor oil oxidizes when it’s met with air, which should never be in your diesel engine’s oil system. If your motor oil is oxidizing prematurely, you’ve got a leak or crack somewhere in the system exposing the oil.

Give CAR FIX a call for all of your diesel engine repair and service needs. We also work on gasoline automobiles of all makes and models. We are your one-stop Oak Ridge, TN, auto repair and service shop.

Photo by MICCAIG from Getty Images Signature via Canva Pro

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