CAR FIX Has the Tools to Replace Your Stolen Catalytic Converter

You can count on CAR FIX to replace your vehicle’s catalytic converter if it has been stolen. This theft occurs because the converter’s metal is a combination of platinum and other precious metals. It’s easy to tell that the catalytic converter is missing because your engine will not operate as it normally does. We are going to list the signs of an automobile without a catalytic converter below.

Loud/Rumbling Engine

If you slide into the driver seat and fire up the vehicle only to hear a loud and rumbling engine, the catalytic converter is likely gone. One of the things that the catalytic converter does is help to muffle the sound of the exhaust being pushed out of the manifold into the converter. When the converter is gone, this sound is no longer muffled and your engine will rumble loudly.

Check Engine Warning

You will also end up with an illuminated check engine light on the dashboard. This is because the exhaust system sensors will send error codes to the main computer chip. The only way to correct these errors is to replace the catalytic converter, and the computer chip cannot do that. The only thing it can do is turn on the CEL to let you know there is a problem.

Punchy Acceleration

It really is not a good idea to drive your automobile if the catalytic converter is stolen, and we will explain why below. In the meantime, if you do press down on the accelerator to put the vehicle in motion, you will notice that the acceleration is punchy and jerky. The reason why is that the converter is gone and not absorbing the force of the exhaust.

Slow-Speed Lagging

You are also going to discover that your vehicle will not operate properly when you are driving at slower speeds. This lagging can be frustrating and will continue until you have the catalytic converter replaced. The missing catalytic converter inhibits the engine’s low-end torque production.

Noticeable Exhaust Odors

Finally, the reason why we said it is not a good idea to drive your automobile is that the exhaust will be forced into the open air and enter the passenger cabin. The catalytic converter is no longer there to take in the exhaust so it is released from the exhaust system. When the exhaust enters the passenger cabin, you will inhale it while you are driving your automobile.

CAR FIX in Oak Ridge and Oak Ridge North, TN, Crossville and Cookeville, TN, or Maryville and Knoxville, TN, has the technicians and tools to replace your stolen catalytic converter. Call us today.

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