Four Myths About Diesel Engines That Just Aren’t True

CAR FIX is a full-service auto shop that works on both gasoline and diesel engines. We personally love diesels. These automobiles get a bad rap that they don’t deserve. There are many myths that circulate about diesel engines that started decades ago and have never lost their steam. Let’s talk about these diesel engine myths and why they simply are not true.

1. Diesel Equals Dirty

Years ago, you would have to turn off your vehicle’s air conditioner if you were sitting behind a diesel automobile because of the black exhaust smoke and smell. The EPA has reined this in. As with gasoline engines, diesel engines are held to strict environmental standards to ensure that they do not contribute dangerously to air pollution. The diesel engines of today are as clean as gasoline engines are. Gone are the days of black exhaust that smells horrible and pollutes the air.

2. Diesels Can’t Handle Cold Weather

It gets down into the 30s at night here in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, but you don’t need to worry about your diesel engine dying in cold weather. Today’s diesel engines have glow plugs, which in some respects act a lot like spark plugs. As you start your diesel vehicle, the battery warms the glow plugs which, in turn, warm the diesel fuel. This prevents the fuel from gelling and makes it much easier to start a diesel engine on a cold, winter’s morning.

3. Gasoline Engines Perform Better

Nope. Not even close. Diesel engines perform just as well if not better than gasoline engines do. Diesel fuel is energy-dense, which means you get more energy generated from a gallon of diesel fuel than you do from a gallon of gasoline. Diesel engines also operate at much higher temperatures and combustion ratios, which gives them more power from a dead stop and when you need to accelerate. Simply put, diesel engines perform just as well as gasoline engines do.

4. Diesel Fuel Is More Expensive

Finally, it used to be that diesel fuel was more expensive than gasoline, but in many areas throughout the nation, not only is the fuel cost comparable to gasoline but it might be less expensive. There are more diesel automobiles on the roads today, and the service stations are meeting this demand. Many standard service stations offer diesel fuel as an option at their pumps and the fuel is priced reasonably. In addition, you’ll get more miles per gallon out of diesel fuel.

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