Get Your Car Ready for Your Thanksgiving Drive

Is your family planning on traveling this Thanksgiving? If so, bring your car, truck, or utility vehicle into CAR FIX for an inspection before you leave on your trip. We will make sure that your vehicle is road-ready so you needn’t worry about it breaking down going to your destination or coming home from it. We don’t want you to be stressed over car troubles this Thanksgiving weekend. Here are some of the services we will perform to make sure you can count on your vehicle throughout the holiday.

Brake Inspection

First, we will inspect the brake system to make sure that the pads have plenty of surface on them, that you don’t have any fluid leaks, and that the fluid does not need to be changed. This ensures you can count on your brakes every time you press down on the pedal.

Coolant Flush

If it’s been more than 30,000 miles since you had your antifreeze/coolant flushed and refilled, we will do this to make sure there is plenty of fresh coolant in the cooling system. Depending on where you are headed, you need to be able to rely on your antifreeze/coolant.

Filter Check

We will also check all of your vehicle’s filters to make sure none of them need to be changed. This includes the air, cabin air, fuel, and transmission filter. Please note, your vehicle may not have a cabin air or transmission filter but it does have an air and fuel filter.

Fluid Check

Aside from the coolant and the oil, which we will discuss below, we will check your vehicle’s fluids to make sure everything looks okay and does not need to be topped off. This includes your power steering fluid if you have a hydraulic power steering system.

Hose Check

Another thing we will inspect is your vehicle’s hoses and belts. Again, these items can crack over time. If any of your hoses or belts look worn, we will replace them to ensure you don’t end up with a leaking hose or broken belt on your trip.

Oil Change

Your oil needs to be changed every 3,000 miles. The oil filter is replaced at this time, as well. If your vehicle is coming up on its next scheduled oil change, let us change the oil before your trip to make sure your engine is fully protected during the drive.

Tire Inspection

Finally, we will inspect your tires to make sure you have plenty of tread to remain safe on the road. If they are due for a rotation, we will rotate them to avoid uneven tire tread wear.

CAR FIX in Tennessee has three locations to serve you. Call the Oak Ridge, Crossville, or Cookeville location; whichever is closest to you.

photo by Kyryl Gorlov from Getty Images Pro via Canva Pro

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