Help to Pay for Your Fleet Maintenance and Repair Expenses

You rely on your fleet and it relies on you. When times get hard, however, and you lose fleet vehicles and their profitability to repairs, you may find yourself in a vicious circle of which you cannot get out. How the circle starts can be unbelievably simple; your vehicles need maintenance but you cannot afford to have the services done. Then, they break down. CAR FIX not only services and repairs fleet vehicles, but we also work with fleet managers to ensure the cars, vans, or trucks are always safe and reliable.

Fleet Maintenance Is Necessary

Maintaining a fleet is perhaps the most important job of a fleet manager. Fleet vehicles, especially delivery vans and emergency vehicles, are driven roughly out of necessity. The day of a fleet vehicle can consist of continual stop-and-go driving and you know how badly this wears down an automobile.

Driving on an open road is one of the best things you can do for a car, truck, or utility vehicle. It gets the fluids, especially the motor oil, flowing through the engine to clean it out. A delivery van, for example, does not have that option. Rather, the van deals with crowded city streets and excessive stops.

As such, preventative maintenance for fleet vehicles is crucial. These services take care of the continual wear and tear on the vehicles’ engines, brakes, and tires. Preventative maintenance ensures the fleet vehicles do not suffer from the type of driving they endure and breakdown prematurely.

Fleet Expenditures

One thing that fleet managers suffer from is accounting for fleet expenditures. This includes preventative maintenance services, any necessary repairs, gasoline, and insurance. Oftentimes, CEOs and CFOs don’t understand fleet expenses. All they see is that the fleet is costing them money.

When fleet managers are pressured to keep the profits high and the expenses low, it can be tempting to ignore maintenance expenses and, voila, the vicious circle begins. As the fleet drivers continue to push the unmaintained vehicles, they succumb to the abuse and break down. You know the rest.

CAR FIX in Oak Ridge, TN, works with fleet managers to keep maintenance and repair costs within budgets. We also offer instant applications for cbCharge/NAPA Commercial charge accounts to our fleet customers when they need a little financial help. Call our shop today to discuss your fleet maintenance and repair needs. We’ll work with you instead of against you because we understand the importance of fleet vehicles and their contribution to company profits.

Photo by Industrial Photograph from Canva Pro

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