How Can I Tell if My Car Has An Exhaust Leak?

In our last blog post, we talked about vacuum leaks. Now let’s talk about exhaust leaks. Your vehicle’s exhaust system is tasked with taking the exhaust that builds up in the combustion chamber, treating it so that it is safe, and then expelling it out of the tailpipe. The exhaust system also helps control your engine’s noise. CAR FIX advises that it’s common for the exhaust system to start leaking in older automobiles. If you drive a high-mileage vehicle, here are some signs that your exhaust system has sprung a leak.

Noisy Engine

If your engine is suddenly much louder than it used to be, you have an exhaust system leak. The problem is most likely being caused by a hole in the muffler. You will hear loud rumbling noises, especially when you press down on the accelerator. You may also hear hissing or popping sounds intermittently while your engine is running and until you turn it off. It’s important to have this problem addressed ASAP because you can get a moving violation if your engine is too loud.

Power Loss

Another sign that your exhaust system is leaking is power loss in your engine. This power loss happens when you try to accelerate and as you are driving along. Basically, your vehicle will lose its get-up-and-go. As the exhaust leak gets worse, you will see an increase in your power loss. This includes stuttering excessively at higher speeds and difficulty getting your engine to pick up speed.

Fuel Economy Loss

An exhaust leak can affect the delicate balance between the air and fuel in your combustion chamber. When this happens, your engine does not run as efficiently as it can. Unfortunately, you will end up with a reduction in your fuel economy that leaves you heading to the gas station more often. Your vehicle will be unable to get the gas mileage it usually gets until you get the exhaust leak fixed.

Fuel Odors

Finally, you should never be able to smell gasoline or diesel fuel inside your automobile. If you can, you likely have a leak in your exhaust pipe. It’s important to have this issue addressed immediately, as inhaling gasoline or diesel fuel fumes means you are also inhaling carbon monoxide.

CAR FIX has three locations to keep your vehicle running at its best. Call the location closest to you, whether that’s our Oak Ridge, Crossville, or Cookeville, TN, location. Our certified technicians would be happy to find your exhaust system leak and fix it.

Photo by Mikko Lemola from Getty Images Pro via Canva Pro

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