I Smell Burning Wires in My Car’s Engine

If you smell burning wires in your car’s engine, play it safe. Do not run the risk of an electrical fire. Rather, pull your vehicle over to a safe place and turn off the engine. Have your automobile towed to our shop. Burning wires are a sign that the electrical system is being overloaded with too much voltage. Consequently, this voltage will overheat the electrical system.

Blown Fuses

In addition to the smell of burning wires, an overheated electrical system will also blow the fuses in your fuse box. This is designed to protect your vehicle from an electrical fire, but you may still end up with an electrical fire if the electrical system gets extremely hot. As such, we recommend that you avoid driving your vehicle and have it towed to our shop so we can inspect the electrical system.

Hard Starts

An overheated electrical system is not the only sign that your vehicle is having electrical problems. If it has been difficult to get your automobile started lately, or if you have had to jump-start the battery frequently, you have an electrical problem with the vehicle. In this case, there is something in your automobile that is draining the battery. We will find whatever that something is.

Slow Accessories

Your automobile’s power accessories may also start to have problems if the electrical system is having problems. For example, if the electrical system cannot provide enough power to the power windows, they may slow down when you open and close them. Other accessories, such as your navigation system, may fail to work at all. All of these things require power in order to operate.

Dim Lights

This also includes the lights. If the headlights, interior lights, and taillights are dimmer than they normally are, they are not getting enough electricity from the electrical system. This could be a problem with the battery or the alternator. It could also be an issue with the part of the electrical system that provides power directly to your vehicle lights.

Battery Light

Finally, you may end up with an illuminated battery light on the dashboard if your vehicle’s electrical system needs to be repaired. The battery light covers the battery and the electrical system. It also covers the alternator. If any of these things are having problems, this light will turn on.

Do not worry. We can find the electrical problem in your vehicle and fix it. Call us today to set up a service appointment.

Photo by slobo from Getty Images Signature via Canva Pro

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