Mother’s Day Gifts for the Busy Mom in Your Life

Ask any mom what she does in a day and you will see all the hats she wears. Whether they are stay-at-home moms or working moms, mothers play the part of nurses, teachers, chefs, maids, and taxi drivers every single day. This year, in addition to spoiling the busy mom in your life, why not consider a gift that also makes her life a little easier, especially when she is running all over town.

Console Organizer

As much time as we spend in our cars, there are always things that we need to have on hand, sunglasses, travel mugs, cell phones, and more. Unfortunately, most consoles are not great for organizing and end up being a vast pit of clutter. A console organizer creates a perfect spot for everything you need on your daily drive.

Back-Up Camera

While many modern vehicles are equipped with a back-up camera, if the mom in your life doesn’t have one, an aftermarket addition is always welcome. This simple addition adds safety and peace of mind when backing out of parking spaces and the driveway.

Bluetooth Headset

It is illegal to operate a vehicle with a cellphone or other handheld device in your hand. But life doesn’t stop when you are driving around town for errands, appointments, and activities. Consider updating Mom’s BlueTooth headset or earpiece so she can take all those important phone calls on the go.

Emergency Kit

From flat tires to accidents to breakdowns to paper cuts, emergencies happen from time to time. Take some time to create or restock Mom’s emergency car kit. Bottles of water, bandaids, snacks, emergency triangles or flare, and tools are great in a crisis.

Headrest DVD Player

Sure, this sounds like more of a gift for the kids than Mom, but a couple of minutes of peace while the little ones watch their favorite movie is always welcome. It also provides entertainment for everyone when t-ball practice is running a little long and you are waiting in the car.

Fun Automotive Decor

Play to Mom’s sense of style or humor with decor that will customize her car’s interior and make her smile. Whether she is the luxurious leather steering wheel cover type or the funky bobble head type, there are endless options for customization on the market.

Auto Service or Tune-Up Appointment

It may not be the most exciting gift, but scheduling and handling a maintenance or tune-up appointment at Oak Ridge‘s CAR FIX will ensure her car’s safety and get it running at peak performance. Call our team of automotive experts today to make an appointment.

Image by Alexandra_Koch from Pixabay

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