Signs it’s Time for CAR FIX to Clean Your Fuel Injectors

CAR FIX would be happy to professionally clean your fuel injectors when they get clogged. The fuel injectors are clogged by carbon deposits, which is a natural byproduct of engine combustion. You may be tempted to purchase an OTC cleaner, but bear in mind that these cleaners are not as effective as a professional cleaning. The following problems are signs that your injectors are getting clogged.

A Misfiring Engine

As the injectors start to clog, they spray less fuel into the cylinders. Consequently, the fuel mixture in the cylinders gets air heavy. When this happens, your engine will start to misfire and sputter. This is an indication that the engine is being fuel-starved. This can also happen if your fuel filter is clogged or you have a malfunctioning oxygen sensor or mass airflow sensor in the automobile.

Rough Engine Idling

Aside from the sputtering engine, you will also notice that your vehicle is idling roughly. This, too, is an indication that there is not enough fuel in each cylinder to sustain smooth engine performance. Consequently, until you have the injectors cleaned, you will continue to have these engine performance issues. In fact, as the injectors clog more, the engine performance issues will get worse.

Reduced Fuel Economy

As the engine struggles to run, it will burn through the fuel more quickly. Consequently, even though the engine isn’t getting as much fuel as it normally does, you will experience a reduction in your vehicle’s fuel economy. This is bad news, especially with gas prices what they are today. A professional cleaning will restore the fuel flow into the combustion chamber and your engine’s performance.

Dancing RPM Needle

As the engine sputters and struggles to run, you may notice that your tachometer needle has started to dance up and down. This is a sign that the engine does not have a balance of air and fuel in the combustion chamber. Consequently, when the engine burns the fuel, the tachometer needle will bounce upward because the engine’s RPMs will increase.

Hard Starts/Dead Engine

Finally, you may find it difficult to start your automobile if the injectors are clogged. As you can imagine, a dead engine is a sign that there is no fuel in the combustion chamber. If it takes a while to get your engine started, you may have very little fuel in the combustion chamber.

CAR FIX in Maryville, Knoxville, Oak Ridge, Crossville, and Cookeville, TN, would be happy to help, so call us to set up an appointment to have your fuel injectors cleaned.

Photo by ooiphotoo from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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