Signs I’ve Outgrown My Work Truck

Whether you drive a diesel or gasoline work truck, it needs to be the right size to handle the job. Sometimes, it’s easy to outgrow your work truck, especially if you just landed a huge construction project. CAR FIX is a full-service auto shop, which means we also maintain and repair light-duty and heavy-duty work trucks. Here are signs that your truck is too small and you need to consider purchasing a larger one.

You’re Overloading It

Your work truck has a maximum weight capacity that you should never exceed. If you are overloading your work truck beyond its weight capacity, whether by stuffing the bed or overloading a trailer, you need a larger truck. Even if you aren’t overloading it beyond its weight capacity, stuffing the bed and the inside of the truck with all of your tools and equipment indicates that you don’t have enough room for everything that you need. You should be able to easily fit your tools and equipment in the bed of your work truck without having to overload it, especially above its maximum weight capacity.

You’re Taxing the Engine

Overloading the work truck places undue stress on its engine. If you’ve gone above the weight capacity limits, you’re also placing undue stress on the suspension and brakes. This makes it dangerous to drive your work truck to and from the jobsite. The engine should never be placed under conditions that it cannot handle, so keep in mind if you are taxing the engine unnecessarily on a regular basis, the truck that you are driving is too small and you need to consider purchasing a larger one. As with space, the engine should also be able to handle the daily demands that you put on it.

You’re Making Multiple Trips

Another sign that you need a larger truck is that you are making unnecessary multiple trips to and from the jobsites. It could be that you don’t have enough room to load all of the tools and equipment or supplies that you need to haul to the jobsite so you have to drive back and forth until everything has been delivered. This definitely suggests that you need a larger truck as you should have plenty of room to haul what you need to take to and from the jobsite.

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Photo by OceanProd from Getty Images Pro via Canva Pro

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