Steering Problems Can Be Caused By a Faulty Pump

A hydraulic power steering system uses a pump to circulate the hydraulic fluid through the system. CAR FIX advises that if your vehicle is having steering difficulties, you may have a faulty steering pump. We can test the pump to see if it has gone bad. If it has, we can replace it. There are definitive signs that point to a problem with the pump. Here is what they are.

Groaning or Moaning Noises

A malfunctioning pump may start to make noises when you turn the steering wheel. Usually, the pump groans or moans. In some cases, it might squeal. At any rate, you should never hear any noise when you make a turn. If you do, there is a problem with the steering pump or another component in the steering system. This can also be an indication that you have a problem with the suspension.

Difficulty Turning the Wheel

As its name suggests, the steering pump pushes the steering fluid through the system to make turning the wheel a piece of cake. If you have started to have difficulties turning the steering wheel because it is stiff, there may be no fluid circulation. This can be a sign that the pump has died and needs to be replaced. As an aside, poor tire inflation can also make turning your vehicle difficult.

Steering Unresponsiveness

Thankfully, it’s rare for your vehicle to stop responding to the steering when the pump goes bad. This being said, it can happen. We don’t want you to ever deal with the stress of being stranded on the road with a vehicle that you cannot turn. As such, we recommend that you swing by the CAR FIXED shop that is closest to you at the first indication of steering pump trouble.

Leaking Power Steering Fluid

The steering pump can also leak steering fluid out of the system. When this happens, you may see red fluid on the garage floor. This can also make turning the steering will difficult because you do not have enough steering fluid circulating through the system.

Silver Flakes in the Fluid

Finally, the steering pump can begin to disintegrate into the steering fluid once it gets too old. When this happens, you will see silver flakes in the red fluid.

CAR FIX has five auto shops in Tennessee. We are located in Cookeville, Maryville, Crossville, Knoxville, and Oak Ridge. Call the shop closest to you to set up a power steering inspection.

Photo by wattanaphob from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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