Summer Heat Makes the Inside of Your Car Miserable

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Summer is here, and the inside of your car gets extremely hot when it sits in the sun. CAR FIX can help keep the interior pleasant by inspecting your air conditioning system and performing any necessary services or repairs. There are also some things that you can do to help reduce the heat inside the car. Keep in mind that these tips do not reduce the heat enough to make it safe for children and pets. As such, you should never leave them inside the automobile.

Utilize the Shade

Shade is a hot commodity in the summer. If you can, find a shady parking place that will prevent the sun’s rays from making their way inside your automobile through the windshield and windows. If there is not a shady parking place available, create your own shady conditions by putting up a windshield shade and shades in all of the windows including the rear window.

Park in Garages

Another source of shade is parking garages. As such, you should take advantage of public garages and your home’s garage whenever you can. This keeps the sun off of your automobile and helps to reduce the temperature inside the vehicle while it is parked during the day. In addition, most parking garages have ventilation to help keep the garage cooler, as well.

Utilize Towels

Another thing you can do to make the vehicle more comfortable when you get into it is to utilize towels to cover things that get hot such as the seats and steering wheel. You can also cover the center console to prevent the gear shift from getting too hot. Finally, if you are concerned about the sun fading and damaging your dashboard, use towels to cover it or get a dashboard cover.

Crack Windows

Keeping the car ventilated helps prevent it from getting too hot, but, again, it will still get too hot for children and pets. When you park your automobile, cracked the windows to allow the air to flow through the vehicle. When it’s time to get back into the automobile, open all of the doors and wait a few minutes before entering the vehicle.

Get an AC Check

Finally, as mentioned above, getting an air conditioner check once a year makes certain that your AC will cool down the interior of the car quickly and efficiently. Bring your vehicle to one of our auto service shops if your AC has not been checked in over a year.

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