Symptoms of Clutch Problems

If you drive an automobile with a manual transmission, you will save money on transmission service in the end. Manual transmissions are easier to take care of, but one thing that can go wrong is your clutch can wear out eventually. Usually, this doesn’t happen until you’ve driven 100,000 miles, but some clutches can go out earlier. Here are the signs that your clutch is having problems. If it is, don’t worry. CAR FIX can fix it.

Acceleration Hesitation

If your vehicle hesitates when you try to accelerate, it’s possible that the clutch isn’t fully engaging and disengaging. The reason why you are getting the hesitation is that your clutch has not put the transmission into gear completely. You could be trying to accelerate while still being in neutral. This is a sign that the internal mechanisms of the clutch are wearing down.

Burning Smells

Another sign is burning smells. When you first learned how to drive your manual transmission, you may have burned the clutch a few times trying to get used to the catch point. Now, you shouldn’t have a problem with burning the clutch. If you smell burning odors, it’s possible that your clutch is slipping, and this is a sign that it needs to be replaced.

Grinding Gears

Another sign that your clutch is slipping is grinding gears. This, too, is something that drivers do when they are first learning how to drive using a clutch. Once they get the hang of it, however, there should be no gear grinding. If your gears are grinding as you shift them, your clutch is not fully engaging and disengaging or it is slipping.

Higher Catch Point

Also called the bite point, the catch point is the point in your clutch when you shift the gears. As the clutch ages, you may find that the catch point gets higher and higher. In some cases, we can resolve the problem by adjusting the clutch. This being said, if the clutch is worn, we will need to replace it.

Problems Changing Gears

Any difficulties changing gears can indicate that your clutch is having problems. This can include having difficulties getting your vehicle into gear or shifting it through the gear cycle. Gear shifts should be smooth and easy. If they aren’t, there’s something going wrong with your clutch.

Spongy Feeling Underfoot

Finally, if your clutch feels spongy, too tight, or too loose underneath your foot, it’s a good idea to let us take a look at it. Again, it’s possible that we can adjust the clutch and everything will be a-okay. It could also be that the clutch is worn and needs to be replaced.

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Photo by Ioraks from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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