The Following Symptoms Point to a Malfunctioning Catalytic Converter

One of the most important parts of your vehicle’s exhaust system is the catalytic converter. The catalytic converter is the exhaust system part that converts toxic gases into safe emissions so they can be released out of the tailpipe. CAR FIX is going to list the symptoms of a malfunctioning catalytic converter below. It’s important to have the catalytic converter checked as soon as possible if you notice any of the following problems. Otherwise, you run the risk of releasing toxic gases into the environment.

Check Engine Dashboard Warning

In some cases, when the catalytic converter goes bad, the check engine light will turn on. This dashboard warning light covers problems that do not have lights or gauges of their own. The catalytic converter can affect your engine’s combustion and this will result in system sensors reporting an error to the engine control module. If the engine control module cannot fix the problem, it will turn on the check engine light.

Sluggish Acceleration/Performance

When the catalytic converter malfunctions, it may push exhaust back into the combustion chamber. If the catalytic converter gets clogged, this, too, pushes exhaust back into the combustion chamber. When the combustion chamber fills with exhaust, it is unable to generate new combustion. This inability will directly affect how well your vehicle accelerates and performs at higher speeds. You will have sluggish acceleration and engine performance.

Excess Black Engine Exhaust Smoke

A clogged or faulty catalytic converter cannot treat the engine exhaust properly. Consequently, your exhaust will not be clear when it flows out of the tailpipe. Rather, you will notice black exhaust flowing out of the tailpipe. This is an indication that the exhaust is filled with hydrocarbons that are dangerous for the environment.

Rotten Egg Odors in the Exhaust

You will also smell rotten eggs in your vehicle’s exhaust if the catalytic converter is going bad. This odor is that of burning sulfur, which mimics rotten eggs. In some cases, you may also detect this rancid odor in your engine.

Excessive Heat Under the Vehicle

Finally, the malfunctioning catalytic converter will create excessive heat underneath your vehicle. When the underside of your automobile gets too hot, your engine gets too hot, and it will overheat as well.

CAR FIX has numerous locations in Tennessee to serve you. Call the shop closest to you today to schedule an appointment if you are having any of the above-listed problems with your automobile. We will inspect the catalytic converter and replace it if necessary.

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