The Pros of Driving a Diesel-Powered Vehicle

CAR FIX services and repairs diesel vehicle engines as well as gasoline ones and we have to admit that we love diesel. Both engine types are amazing but there are advantages to driving diesel-powered automobiles for some people. Learn the pros of driving diesel automobiles before you buy your new car or truck. You might find that diesel will be the way to go for you. Here are some pros for you to consider.

Gas Mileage

With the price of gasoline fluctuating regularly this first pro of a diesel engine might be all the convincing you need. Diesel engines get better gas mileage – period. In fact, most drivers see an improvement in their gas mileage as high as 25 percent to 30 percent. Diesel engines even rival hybrids for fuel efficiency, which might seem strange considering diesel’s bad rap on the environment.

Efficient Fuel Burn

The reason why diesel automobiles get better gas mileage is that diesel fuel is “energy dense.” This means the fuel produces more energy per gallon than gasoline does, so, naturally, it burns less fuel to operate the diesel engine. Couple this with better gas mileage and it can be argued today’s diesel isn’t so bad on the environment after all, especially since the engines release fewer emissions.

Zero Ignition Tune-Ups

Diesel engines are different from gasoline engines in numerous ways and one way is that they don’t have distributors or spark plugs. This means you don’t have to have the ignition system tuned up every 30,000 miles. They do require preventative maintenance – all machinery does, whether automotive or other. Nonetheless, you can say goodbye to ignition tune-ups with diesel engines.

Tougher Than Gasoline Engines

The reason heavy-duty truck engines are diesel is that diesel engines are tougher. These engines are built to withstand high compression, which makes them last longer and gain speed from a dead-stop faster. They produce higher engine torque using less energy, i.e. they are more efficient so they last longer. The record for a diesel vehicle engine lifespan is 900,000 miles, and you won’t see a gas engine hit that.

Better Resale Value

Because these engines get more miles than gasoline engines do, you’ll see more of them on the road in the form of used diesel vehicles. Diesel automobiles generally have a higher resale value than gasoline engines do because they last longer. A person might be willing to pay more for a used diesel because he or she knows he or she will still get a couple of hundred thousand miles out of the used engine.

As mentioned above, CAR FIX in Oak Ridge, TN, works with diesel and gasoline engines. Call us or schedule an appointment online to talk about your automotive maintenance and repair.

Image by F. Muhammad from Pixabay

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