The Pros of Preventative Maintenance for Your Fleet Vehicles

Let’s just get this out of the way right now: CAR FIX maintains and repairs fleet vehicles. Do we want you to bring your fleet maintenance business to our shop? Of course, we do. But, we want you to know the advantages of preventative maintenance for your fleet vehicles even more. Whether you choose us for your fleet maintenance and repair services or opt to go elsewhere, here are a few reasons why you should have your fleet vehicles properly maintained, no matter where you take them for the service.

Early Detection Saves Money

Preventative maintenance allows auto technicians to spot trouble before it becomes a real and expensive problem. Fleet managers are expected to keep operating costs as low as possible. Otherwise, the fleet’s bottom line is eaten up by vehicle expenses; not only repair bill expenses but operating costs. A well-maintained fleet runs efficiently. Maintaining the fleet allows technicians to fix minor problems instead of major ones because they spot them right away before they cause additional damage.

Efficiency Saves Money

We mentioned above a maintained fleet is more efficient and we didn’t just mean in terms of avoiding automotive repairs. Vehicle maintenance is designed to keep the vehicle in a “like-new” condition. In other words, it replaces old parts with new ones when they need it. This allows the vehicle to operate under less stress, which means the engine doesn’t have to work as hard or use as much fuel. If you’ve noticed a few of your fleet vehicles have become gas-guzzlers, it might time for some maintenance.

Safety Saves Money

Fleet vehicles are business vehicles, meaning your company is responsible should something go wrong with the vehicle. We don’t mean something going wrong with the vehicle’s manufacturing; we mean something going wrong that causes an accident or delays passengers or cargo. For the sake of your drivers, passengers, and cargo, safety should always come first in your fleet vehicles. A vehicle that isn’t maintained can cause an accident, and the repercussions could extend way beyond an insurance claim.

Reliability Boosts Business

Finally, if you maintain a reliable fleet your customers will begin to take notice. They will come to know that they can rely on your services no matter what they are. If you run a passenger fleet, your clients will have faith that you will get them where they need to go safely and on time. If you run a cargo fleet, your customers will know they can trust you to get their cargo delivered promptly and safely. Who would you pick if you needed to utilize a fleet service? One with a good or bad reputation? 

Located in Oak Ridge, TN, CAR FIX services and repairs fleet vehicles. Call us to discuss your fleet auto service needs by dialing 865-214-6307.


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