Top Five Preventative Maintenance Jobs

Do your vehicle a favor. Open the owner’s manual to the maintenance section and make note of the scheduled services. Then, take your vehicle to an auto service shop to have those services done at each mileage milestone. Why is preventative maintenance so important? It extends the life of your automobile and prevents expensive repairs. Who does preventative maintenance? Nearly every auto service shop in Oak Ridge, TN, including CAR FIX. Here’s what you shouldn’t put off.

Plug Replacement

Spark plugs last longer in vehicle engines than ever before. In fact, newer automobiles can go 100,000 miles the plugs need to be replaced. Still, have them replaced when your vehicle’s manufacturer recommends it. This ensures the fuel and air mixture in your engine is always correct. If the mixture has too much fuel or too much air in it, your vehicle will stutter and stall.

Oil Changes

Oil is an engine’s blood. It lubricates moving parts to ensure they don’t overheat and damage the engine. Failure to change your oil on the manufacturer’s recommended schedule can seriously damage the engine as parts overheat and fail. Depending on the vehicle and oil used, the motor oil should be changed every 3,000 or 7,500 miles. Synthetic motor oil lasts longer between changes.

Filter Changes

Filters also need to be changed regularly. The oil filter removes sediment from the engine’s oil as it circulates through the engine. The air filter prevents dirt from getting into the engine. The fuel filter keeps auto fuel free of grime. All of these filters must be changed regularly to prevent damage. In addition, clean filters increase engine efficiency and boost gas mileage.

Tire Inspections

Your tires should be balanced and rotated every 6,000 miles. This ensures the tire tread wears down evenly. If you notice your vehicle is pulling to the left or right, your alignment needs adjusting, too. Worn tires must be replaced; don’t drive on bald tires. This is extremely dangerous. A DIY project for your tires is to make sure they’re inflated properly at all times.


A tune-up gives your engine extra life. It restores it to as-new condition. During a tune-up, the auto technician will check belts, filters, fluids and hoses. He will replace anything that needs to be replaced. If needed, the spark plugs and wires will also be replaced. The fuel pump and injectors, engine timing, PCV valve, oxygen sensor and condenser and points are also inspected.

CAR FIX in Oak Ridge, TN, offers preventative maintenance to our customers. Call us to discuss your vehicle service needs.


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