What Are the Problems That An Engine Vacuum Leak Causes?

You’d be surprised at how many problems an engine vacuum leak can cause. Not only can your vehicle’s components start to malfunction, but you may lose power to important components such as your power steering pump. This is because the engine vacuum produced in the combustion chamber is rerouted to the pump to power it. CAR FIX is going to list the signs of an engine vacuum leak below. If you are experiencing any of these issues, stop by the shop closest to you as soon as possible.

Acceleration and Engine Performance Issues

One thing that happens when a vacuum hose starts to leak is it introduces excess air into the engine. This air makes its way to the combustion chamber and affects how your engine performs. For example, when the air outweighs the fuel, you may notice that you have a difficult time getting your vehicle to accelerate. The engine may also stutter and stall when it is idling. In fact, engine sputtering at high speeds is a common sign of a vacuum leak.

Hissing or Suction Sounds Coming From the Engine

You may also be able to hear your vacuum leak. If you hear any hissing sounds coming from your engine, this is usually a sign of a minor vacuum leak in one of the vacuum hoses. If the vacuum leak is severe, you will hear suction coming from your engine. This suction sounds just like the suction coming out of your vacuum cleaner’s accessory hose.

Sporadic RPMs That Register High on Your Tachometer

One of the most common things that happens when your engine has a vacuum leak is that the revolutions-per-minute increase sporadically. Take a look at your tachometer while you are sitting at an idle. If the needle is registering high RPMs or sporadic RPMs, you likely have a vacuum leak that is causing sporadic influxes of air to be introduced to the engine.

Check Engine Light Warning on the Dashboard

Finally, the signs listed above will be accompanied by a check engine light warning on your vehicle’s dashboard. This is because the various sensors throughout the engine have picked up on the problems that the vacuum leak is causing. Unfortunately, your check engine light will not turn off until you get the vacuum leak repaired. The repair usually involves replacing the leaking vacuum hose.

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