What Causes Extra Exhaust Smoke to Flow Out of the Tailpipe?

Leaking automotive fluid can cause extra exhaust smoke to flow out of the tailpipe. CAR FIX advises that continuing to drive your automobile when it is releasing a lot of exhaust can be dangerous for the engine and dangerous for you. It’s better to pull over, turn off the engine, and call for a tow truck to the closest CAR FIX auto shop. We can determine what is leaking in the engine and find the source of the leak. Once we do that, we will fix the leak. We must caution you, however, that the engine damage may be severe. Let’s talk more about this below.


If you continue to drive your car, truck, or utility vehicle when you have extra black exhaust coming out of the tailpipe, you open yourself up to the danger of starting an engine fire. This is because the black exhaust is caused by burning fuel. It could be that you have a leak in the fuel system or the fuel injectors. Either way, you don’t want to keep driving your automobile if it is leaking diesel fuel or gasoline.


To repair the cause of blue exhaust can get expensive. This is a sign that the engine has a cracked engine gasket and, as a consequence, oil is leaking into the cylinders. As the oil gets burned by the engine’s combustion, it releases blue exhaust. We can replace the engine gasket, but the work is extensive. In some cases, if you were thinking about buying a new car anyway, now might be the time.


It might also be expensive to repair the cause of white exhaust. If you have a cracked head gasket out of which coolant is spraying, you will see white exhaust behind your car, white smoke coming out from underneath the hood, and your engine will be overheating. A serious coolant leak can also occur in the cooling system if the bottom of your radiator is rusted out from excessive corrosion.


Let’s talk about something good for a change. If you cannot see your exhaust, that’s a good thing. After being treated by the catalytic converter, your vehicle’s exhaust should be clear.

CAR FIX has five auto service shops in Tennessee for all of your automotive service and repair needs. Call the shop that is closest to you. We are located in Crossville, Maryville, Cookeville, Oak Ridge, and Knoxville, and we’d be happy to get to the source of your extra exhaust.

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