What Is the Color of Transmission Fluid?

Transmission fluid is red. It should be bright red and translucent all the time. As the transmission fluid starts to get older, it will turn brown. This is the point at which it needs to be changed. In addition to the transmission fluid color, you should also know the other colors of automotive fluids. Let’s talk about this below.

Other Red Fluids

Other red fluids in your automobile include the power steering fluid and possibly the antifreeze/coolant. As you will learn as you keep reading, antifreeze/coolant comes in many different colors. You may also have red brake fluid and the brake system depending on the brand and type that is used in your automobile.

Blue Fluids

Pretty much the only fluid that is blue in your vehicle is the washing solution for the windshield. You may have blue antifreeze/coolant, but this is rare.

Brown Fluids

You do have a few brown fluids in the vehicle, however. First of all, the motor oil is brown. Secondly, the differential oil is brown. In some cases, thirdly, your brake fluid may be brown.

Clear Fluids

When the air conditioner is running, it tends to drip condensation. This condensation is simply water. Condensation also drives out of the tailpipe. Naturally, the water is clear. This being said, diesel fuel and gasoline can also look clear, so check any leaking fluid for a fuel odor.

Green Fluids

Usually, the only fluid in an automobile that is green is the antifreeze/coolant. In this case, the green fluid is bright and translucent. In fact, you may think that it is neon green.

Orange Fluids

The antifreeze/coolant can also be orange. This can be its initial color, or it may turn orange if your radiator has rust on the bottom of it. Unfortunately, this rust can eat through the radiator and cause a fluid leak. The rust may make the color look more orange than any other color.

Yellow Fluids

Finally, when brake fluid is new, it may look yellow. In addition, some brands of antifreeze/coolant are neon yellow. This bright color stands out to let you know that your automobile has a coolant leak. Driving the vehicle could cause the engine to overheat.

Give us a call today if your vehicle is leaking automotive fluid. We will determine which fluid is leaking and from where it is leaking. We will give you a detailed estimate to repair the leak. Once you approve it, we will fix the problem.

Photo by PongMoji from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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