When Do I Need To Get My Tires Rotated?

Every other oil change is a good way to remember when to get your tires rotated. Every 6,000 miles is the maximum amount of mileage between tire rotations. Rotating your tires is crucial to extend their life and to ensure each tire is wearing down as it should be. Tire rotations aren’t the only service your vehicle’s wheels need. CAR FIX offers several tire and wheel services to our customers.

Air Pressure Check

It’s important to check the air in your tires at least once a month, but if you do a lot of driving, you should check the tire pressure more often. Low tire pressure can wear down the tire tread prematurely and weaken each tire’s overall structure. Swing by our shop and we’ll check your tire pressure for you. If you need air, we’ll add it. Driving on the correct psi boosts fuel economy and vehicle handling.

Tire Repairs

Flat tires are a huge pain. You don’t want to get stuck with a flat much less the expense of replacing the tire. In some cases, tires can be repaired. If you ended up with a flat, come see if we can repair the damaged tire. In most cases, a tire can be repaired if it was punctured by a nail or other object that is less than 1/4-inch in diameter. The puncture must also be in the tread and not on the tire’s shoulder.

Wheel Alignment

Your wheels need to be aligned every time you have a new set of tires put on, every two years after that, and anytime you accidentally knock the wheels out of alignment. You can knock the wheels out of alignment when you hit a curb or drive recklessly over a road hazard such as a pothole or speed bump. Signs your wheels are misaligned include pulling to one side and a steering wheel logo that is off-center.

Wheel Balance

Wheels need to be balanced to distribute the tire weight evenly across the axles. No two tires weigh the same, even though they’re the same brand and model. Balancing the wheels ensures a smooth ride and reduces tire damage. Coupled with alignment, it also helps make controlling your automobile much easier. If your vehicle starts to vibrate the faster you go, your wheels need to be balanced.

Don’t forget the tire rotations we talked about at the beginning of this blog post, either. You can count on CAR FIX in Oak Ridge, TN, to keep your tires and wheels in the best shape possible.

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