Seven Things That Cause Distracted Driving

This statistic might shock you. According to the NHSTA, 2,841 people were killed by distracted driving in 2018. Why is CAR FIX bringing up such a sad fact? Because if you’re going to be driving on Thanksgiving weekend this year, you need to remain alert and avoid drivers who are distracted. Here are seven things that will distract you, as well.

1. Adjustments

Modern touch-screen controls seem really cool until you get into an accident because of them. Every time you adjust something, whether it’s the music volume or climate control, you take your eyes off the road. Keep the adjustments to a minimum or have your front-seat passenger do it.

2. GPS

This includes the GPS. Don’t keep your eyes on the virtual map or, worse yet, try to enter a destination while you’re driving. Set your GPS up before you pull out of the driveway, and don’t get fixated by the animated graphic of your car driving on the map. Use voice commands, too.

3. Getting Ready

No matter how late you are running, do not put on your make-up or shave in the car. Getting ready while you’re driving is distracted driving at its worst. Don’t even touch up your lipstick if you’re the one behind the wheel. Get ready before you leave so you’re focusing on the road.

4. Kids and Pets

Your kids and pets can also be a huge distraction during your Thanksgiving travels. Secure the pets in carriers that are seatbelt-friendly so they aren’t running loose, and tell the kids to quit fighting in the back seat and enjoy the trip. If they’re on their devices, have them mute them.

5. Looking Around

Perhaps you’ve gotten lost and you’re desperately searching for a way to get back en-route. Maybe there’s been an accident and you can’t keep your eyes off of it while you slink by the crash. Anything that takes your eyes off the road can make you an accident statistic, too.

6. Talking

We aren’t saying that you must drive in complete silence, but talking on the phone or to your passengers might distract you more than you realize. Make sure you don’t look at your passenger while you talk to him or her, and no talking or texting on the mobile phone.

7. Zoning Out

If you’re driving a long distance, it’s easy to zone out. You might start daydreaming or get lost in the road ahead of you. Remaining alert while driving is so important. Don’t let yourself go somewhere else mentally while you’re driving. Take breaks in the trip to help prevent this.

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Photo by Tommaso79 Images from Getty Images Pro via Canva Pro

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